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Living With Grief: Discover and Embrace a Life Filled with Purpose and Joy

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Time will help, but it won't heal all wounds. Some leave deep scars, but these scars can make you stronger

Embrace your scars, and you will heal beautifully!


‚ÄúI normally don‚Äôt get speechless, but wow! what you do is so powerful I have no words‚ÄĚ

Passant Z.

"What you're doing provides massive support, the way you express and reach out is giving a huge comfort blanket for myself and others I find it inspiring and it really gives me a lot of strength on good and bad days!"

Kelly S.

"It is so beautifull the work you are doing. Every day I go to your facebook It’s like you know exactly what I’m thinking. Thank you so much for putting words to my thoughts. I’m so moved I’m gona cry!"

Linn F.


Private Luxurious, In-Person immersion personalized to your needs. For individuals or couples, who are ready to move out of the pain and suffering, and are ready to start truly living again.

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Interviews with Tonje

With her audacious goal of opening up and normalizing conversations about hard topics like grief and death, Tonje speaks out openly and honestly. With a very clear message: a life with grief can be fulfilling and Amazing! 

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 Personalized 1-1 and Group Coaching 

It's possible to embrace life again, find joy and purpose without letting go of the love and memories you hold dear? I'm here to walk beside you on this delicate journey of transformation.

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Have you ever thought "I don't know what to say or do, I don't want to make things worse"?. This course will give you the knowledge and tools you need to truly support your loved ones.

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Case Study

Lifelong Suffering with Death Anxiety

 Jean came to me and shared that she had been suffering her entire life with extreme anxiety about death without ever knowing why. She had been struggling to sleep, terrified that if she closed her eyes, she would die.


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Why a Free Discovery Call

Can Be the Turning Point:

Let me start by saying, I DON'T KNOW what you're going through! However I can likely relate..

Grief can feel like a shadow, dimming the joy and purpose of life.

Yet, amidst the pain, we must keep going for.. well.. life goes on. 

I'm here to guide you on your path of healing, with understanding, compassion, and a promise of new beginnings.

You don't have to navigate this path alone.

Come on a Free, Discovery Call with me to explore what your best path forward looks lik.

This is a compleatly free no commitment call.

Wether we decide to work together or not, I promise I will do all I can on the call to ensure you truly feel supported.

Take the first step towards a future where you can embrace life with hope and joy, all while cherishing the memories of those you've loved and lost.

Together, we can build a bridge to a life where happiness and purpose coexist with your grief, without guilt. 


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- Understanding and Compassion:

I will not give you sympathy.. You deserve a space where your feelings are validated and understood. And our conversation will be a heart-to-heart, acknowledging your pain and aspirations. This will be NOT with sympathy but  with the utmost empathy and respect.


- Personalized Path to Healing:

Grief is as unique as the love we hold for those we've lost. Together, we'll explore tailored strategies that honor your individual journey, helping you to gently embrace life's possibilities again.


- Empowerment Without Guilt:

It's natural to feel guilty about finding happiness after loss. Our discussion will focus on how you can honor your loved ones by living fully, finding ways to carry their memory forward in a life filled with purpose and joy.

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Attention All Norwegians!

Do you know what is stated in the Norwegian Funeral Act? Did you know that you do not have the right to decide over your own or your loved ones' ashes after cremation? That you do not have the right to choose how you want to honor your loved ones?

The Norwegian Burial Act is discriminatory and outdated.

It must be changed NOW!

Join me and sign this petition, together we can make a difference!

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"I Love coaches, because unlike most therapists they have actually been through what you are seeking help on"

-Linda Carter Host of Grief Sucks Podcast


In honor of my sweet Allia "Gulle Mitt"


My love for you is eternal, my gratitude exponential, and the memories inspire me to be the best version of myself every day!


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