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Wow, this is one of the best coaching sessions I have ever had.
The best in a very long time!

Marc C.

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Welcome to Tonje WynJones Coaching and Consulting, where we specialize in helping CEOs and founders like you reach new heights of success. Our tailored business coaching services are designed to empower you to unleash your full potential, clarify your values, visions, and goals, and create thriving work cultures that drive exceptional results.

As a CEO or founder, you understand the immense pressure and challenges that come with leading a company. We are here to guide you through the complexities and help you navigate the path to success with clarity and confidence.

We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by business leaders, and we are passionate about helping you overcome obstacles, reduce stress, and achieve remarkable growth.

Whether you're looking to streamline your operations, enhance your leadership skills, or foster a work environment where employees thrive, our business coaching services are tailored to your specific needs. Through our proven methodology and personalized approach, we will work closely with you to identify and overcome barriers, unlock your full potential, and set you on the path to sustainable success.

When you partner with Tonje WynJones Coaching and Consulting, you gain more than just a business coach—you gain a trusted advisor and partner dedicated to your growth and success. Our results-driven strategies and deep understanding of business dynamics will empower you to make informed decisions, build high-performing teams, and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Don't let the weight of responsibility hold you back. Take the first step towards realizing your full business potential. Schedule a consultation with us today and discover how our business coaching services can transform your company into a thriving, high-impact organization. Together, we will redefine success and unlock new possibilities for your business.

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 I first met Tonje when I was pursuing my Flight Instructor rating with the FAA, she was my flight and ground instructor. I saw immediately what a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman she was. I know firsthand that true adversity can cause a person to change in one of two ways...they can cower in the corner and hide, or they can come out of it as an indestructible badass afraid of nothing that life may throw their way. Tonje has become the latter! She is stronger, more intelligent, and more beautiful. After spending every day for several weeks with her as a student, I absolutely aced my FAA evaluation. If I were to spend time with her now as my coach or mentor with a goal to attain, there is no doubt in my mind that I would attain whatever I was pursuing. If you are trying to reach something or get somewhere in life, I highly recommend you do it with her at your side.

Joseph Brennan

Assistant Chief Test Pilot at Sikorsky Aircraft

Tonje is a focused professional who consistently exceeds expectations. Students, customers, and staff always enjoyed opportunities to work with Tonje. She is a skilled and conscious helicopter pilot and communicator.

McHenry Priestley

Business Owner, Airline Transport Pilot - Technical Diver and Instructor

Our Approach to Business

Coaching and Consulting

A Holistic Approach to Transforming Your Business and Leadership


At Tonje WynJones Coaching and Consulting, we believe in a holistic approach to business coaching and consulting that goes beyond superficial fixes. We understand that true transformation requires a deep understanding of your unique challenges, values, and goals. With our proven methodology and personalized approach, we will guide you on a transformative journey that will revolutionize your business and leadership.


Clarifying Your Vision and Goals

We begin by helping you gain crystal-clear clarity on your vision and goals. Through insightful discussions and powerful exercises, we will uncover your true aspirations and align them with the core values of your organization. By establishing a clear direction, you will be able to make focused decisions and lead with purpose.

Reducing Stress and Workload

As a CEO or founder, stress and overwhelm can easily consume your life. We specialize in helping you identify the root causes of stress and implement effective strategies to reduce your workload. Together, we will explore productivity hacks, delegation techniques, and time management strategies that will enable you to work smarter, not harder. You will regain control of your time and energy, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Creating a Thriving Work Culture

Exceptional work cultures are the backbone of successful organizations. We believe in fostering environments where employees thrive, feel valued, and contribute their best. Our expertise in organizational psychology and employee engagement will help you build a work culture that attracts and retains top talent. We will guide you in implementing effective communication channels, recognition programs, and leadership development initiatives that will drive employee satisfaction, motivation, and productivity.

Tailored Strategies for Growth

Your business is unique, and we recognize that one-size-fits-all approaches don't work. Our business coaching and consulting services are tailored to your specific needs and challenges. We will analyze your business operations, identify growth opportunities, and develop customized strategies that align with your vision. Our goal is to help you achieve sustainable growth and navigate the ever-changing business landscape with confidence.

Ongoing Support and Accountability

We are committed to your long-term success. As your trusted partner, we will provide ongoing support, guidance, and accountability throughout your journey. Our regular coaching sessions will keep you on track, celebrate milestones, and address any emerging challenges. We will be there to provide guidance and perspective as you implement new strategies and navigate critical decisions.

Unlock the full potential of your business and leadership. Partner with Tonje WynJones Coaching and Consulting to experience a transformative journey that will revolutionize your approach to business. Together, we will build a resilient, high-impact organization that thrives in today's competitive landscape. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and embark on this exciting path to growth and success.

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