Grieve and Be Happy

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Grow Faster Together

Imagine having a chat where everyone gets you and your coach really tunes into your story. That's the magic of small group coaching – it's like having a personal guide alongside a bunch of friends who've got your back. We're all in this together, sharing, learning, and growing.

Personalized 1 to 1 coaching

Every month, you get a special one-on-one session with me, Tonje. It's our private space where it's all about you – your thoughts, your journey, your challenges, and victories. Just imagine having that personalized support, tailor-made just for you, to dive deep and really accelerate your progress.

Safety & Acountabillity

In our little virtual circle, it's all about trust and safety. It's a snug spot where you can open up, share the real you, and know that it stays in the group. We're all about creating that confidential, judgement-free zone where you can be truly honest and, well, just you. And know we have your back!

If I was to spend time with Tonje now as my coach or mentor with a goal to attain, there is no doubt in my mind that I will attain whatever I was pursuing. If you are trying to reach something or get some where in life, I highly recommend you do it with her at your side.


Assistant Chief Test Pilot at Sikorsky Aircraft

Group Coaching

3 month group coaching with certified coach Tonje Wyn-Jones

Small group settings ensure that each participant receives personalized attention and tailored advice, while also benefiting from the diverse experiences and perspectives of other group members. This balance fosters a strong sense of community and mutual support.


You know the best part? You can join our sessions from wherever you are – no need to rush through traffic or change out of your comfy clothes. It's all about making life easier and bringing the support right to your screen.

I'm in!