Elevate Your Purpose! Empowering  High Achivers and Supportive Cultures

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Mother of 4 With 3 Living Children, Loving Life.

When my second daughter passed away suddenly, my world fell apart.

The pain was unbearable, but my surviving daughter needed me, and that was the push I needed to keep going.

Through the darkness, I found a way to make life matter again. This led me to develop an overwhelming desire to help others.

My mission is to be a beacon of light, offering support and guidance.

In Short:

I Empower People To Be Truly Self Empowered

And Create,  Supportive And Empowering Cultures

Both Socialy and Professionaly

My Mission: 


Empower humanity to be emotionally and mentally fit, so that rather than being fearful of the future we are agile in the face of life’s complexities


My Goal is to have a positive impact on 100 Million lives by 2040 and that includes you!


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My core values. 






My Why is my north star. Having clarity on my “big goal” means I have clarity on what achieving my personal definition of success entails. I have my destination and direction. My core Values are my guiding system, making sure I don’t get lost on the way



Why Personalized Coaching Matters


In the vast landscape of self-improvement, there's an overflow of generalized advice and self-help books. However, personalized coaching stands out. Here's why:


  • Tailored Strategy: Unlike generic self-help resources, personalized coaching crafts a strategy tailored to your unique challenges and aspirations.


  • Accountability: Having a coach means having someone to answer to, pushing you to stay on track.


  • Expert Insights: Get the benefit of years of expertise condensed into actionable lessons and strategies.


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 "Tonje this was honestly the best coaching session I have had in years! It’s one of the best I’ve ever had!"


"This session with you was so helpful. You helped me see things in a way I never thought of but now makes perfect sense. Thank you Tonje"

 - M.G. 



“Tonje You are Fantastic!, I’m so impressed by what you do! You mean a lot to so many and with your commitment around grief, you will mean a lot to many. Lovely Tonje."


I want to thank you Tonje, for putting  words to the feelings that for so many of us is hard. And putting them in a different perspective. I am so grateful.


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